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Blaumann Home

Kitchen Products

GGS Solingen

Germany Knives And Cutlery

Swiss Hufeisen

Kitchen products

Berlinger Haus

High Quality Kitchen products


Nederland House Appliances


Italian Gift Company

Royalty Line

Kitchen products

Premier Housewares

UK Kitchen, Bathroom, Furniture, Living

Brabantia for kitchen

Germany Quality Cookware


Germany Design Products


Austria Quality Cookware


Austria Quality Cookware

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"We supply the products which makes your home more comfortable."

  • Worldwide sourcing

    Household and kitchen producers

    We know how to distribute your products

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    Long term business relationships

    Years of experiences in international trade

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    Strong portfolio of household and kitchen products

    We know how to sell your products in a given territory

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    We can transform your products to money, or vice versa

    We know how to get things done

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Petr Pechal

Managing partner/Sourcing

Tomas Cibulka

Managing partner/Finance

Ales Ryp

Managing partner/Sales

Michal Tvrznik

Managing partner/Logistics

We live and breathe for our Business! We focus all our efforts on our core areas and transact our business on a very high qualitative level.

Our objective is to enter into a trust based value adding partnership with our customers and suppliers. Sustainable business is our number one priority.

For us, PAN Corp. s.r.o. stands for: Business based on using both one‘s heart and mind!

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